I'm a communications professional with over nine years of experience and a Masters in Communication for Advertising and Public Relations. I love crafting all types of content, developing strategic plans, and revisiting the metrics and successes of campaigns. I adore the inbox zero concept and have found a new love for blocking off times in my daily calendar for deep work. I also enjoy researching new trends and always want to be learning.

And, I love the beach.


Skills & Strengths

Marketing & Public Relations

I currently develop marketing and public relations campaigns designed to support 175 events per year for a resort destination.



I have experience in developing internal and external communication to promote brand strategies, goals and opportunities.


Content Creation

I love developing creative content that engages target audiences - whether it's writing captivating content, developing copy for ad buys, or designing for digital media.


I'm a leader.

I have experience supervising and leading teams to meet goals.