Taking back my mornings☀️

One of my 'new year, new me" goals for 2018 was to build a better morning routine.

I have never really been a morning person. But, I've read so many articles about people who are able to do so much before they ever step foot in their office. I want to be one of those people. But, I can remember as a teenager struggling to make it to school on time. My mom yelling "It's time to go!" or "This car is leaving!" from downstairs, and I was still groggily brushing my teeth. It's like my deep sleep would happen right before I'd wake up, and I had to scramble to get ready on time. Except instead of scrambling, I'm moving at a sloth-like pace. Mornings were rough

Many years have passed, but I'm still a really hard sleeper, and I still usually wake up in a fog.  But this year, I wanted to become a morning person. So, I'm trying to find ways to combat my early morning grogginess. The goal is to wake up earlier. I'm not restricting myself to a certain time I have to be up - but I want to be able to get a few things done in the morning. Honestly, I just want to change the terrible habit of getting out of bed 30 minutes before I'm supposed to be at work! 

Taking back my mornings.png

Three things that I think will really help:

  • Consistency with my morning and nightly routines
  • Falling asleep at reasonable hour
  • Falling asleep in my bed, and not the couch

I'm happy to report this week, I've made great strides in setting up a routine. As soon as my alarm goes off, I'm out of bed. I've walked into to kitchen straight to my Keurig for a cup of coffee and even have had enough time to cook breakfast. I've managed to walk on the beach for early morning sun, twice. I'm caught up on laundry and cleaning in my house. Yesterday, I finished reading a book. And, today I'm writing a blog post. 

Each evening, I've been in my bed - pj's on, face washed, and teeth brushed - by 9:30. I've read books in bed and have tried a few podcasts dedicated to sleep. And - probably the biggest helper of them all - I've put my phone down at 9 pm and not looked at it until 8 am. It's hard to do, but the complete disconnect has been worth it. And probably the next biggest helper - I haven't hit the snooze button. It's one of my big downfalls in the morning - which I blame on my bed being too comfy. I wish "snooze" had never been invented. It's amazing what I've been able to accomplish by not trying to get 5 more minutes of sleep, which for me, usually turns into 30 more minutes. 

And my momentum toward this goal is building. When I woke up this morning, I wanted to get up so I could blog about my progress. I wanted to get up because I knew I could have enough time to enjoy my breakfast. I wanted to get up so that I could enjoy the sunshine on my back deck with a cup of freshly made coffee.

I'm so proud of what I've gotten done in these moments before work, and I want to continue the progress. Here's to more early mornings for this girl!