Instagram's New Highlight Feature



Instagram has enabled the latest and greatest tool for marketers - Instagram Highlights

Here's Instagram's quick version of how to create highlights. Personally, I didn't feel like this was enough, so I wanted to share what I've learned so far.

First, I'm going to backtrack a bit here. if you aren't using stories, you absolutely should be. Stories are a phenomenal tool for marketers. You can craft your content in a whole new way. I like to think about them as a mini blog -- that's animated. Stories are short clips that allow for both videos and photos, so there are a TON of ways to be creative.  Plus, Instagram places your story at the top of the news feed for all your followers, and it also highlights them again as you scroll down your news feed. But, they are only available for 24 hours.  More about stories to come in a later blog post. 

Now, back to highlights.  

In a nutshell, highlights are created using clips from stories you have posted.

Click on the video to the right to watch me in action.

Quick side note - this was my first ever attempt at a screen recording, much less a video with me talking. I laughed at myself a lot, learned some new techniques after about the fifth try, and hopefully have created a video you can find helpful.

Marketers NEED to take advantage of this new tool. Highlights are featured right on your Instagram profile page. So now, anytime someone clicks on your profile, they will see the beautiful and creative graphics in your photo feed plus, now, they will see these featured "stories" too.

Key Takeaways:

  • Highlights can only be pulled from stories you have posted on this Instagram account.
  • You can pull from any archives that have been posted on the account, but they have to have been on your account that full 24 hours
  • If you want to add a cover image, that image has to be dated first in your story. So prior to loading any of my "Stuck on Projects" images and video, I had to add that graphic to my story. 
  • I tried to add a image & video, and then delete them. But it will be removed from both your story and your highlights too. Instead, try to be creative as you add these. You could add photos & videos that your followers have already seen on a Throwback Thursday, for instance, and then pull them over to your highlights.
  • As you add content to your highlights, the order changes. It keeps the most recent content the most important. This is really important to remember if you have several highlights on your profile but want one promotional highlight to always be first on the page. 

Are you testing this out for your clients? I'd love to hear your feedback or anything you've learned in the comments below!